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Kenong Rimba Park

District Forest Officer

Government Office Complex – 27200 Kuala Lipis,
Pahang – Malaysia (West)
Tel: 09-311273, 3144106 & 2777767 (Toll-free)Tourist Office – KTMB Railway Station
27200 Kuala Lipis – Pahang – Malaysia (West)
Tel: 09-313277 & 213144 – Fax: 609-311117


By Road

A 5 minute walk away from the railway station (9th mile, Kuala Lipis) is the jetty of Sungai Jelai. Take a sampan for a 20 minute ride to Tanjung Kiara. Alternatively, the journey by the river from Kuala Lipis takes between 2-3 hours. There is a tour package organized by a travel agency and Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad.


Size: 121 sq. km

Highest Point: Bukit Batu Kapur

Flora Fauna: Within the shade of the cool green forests the keen nature lovers is bound to spot some beautiful varieties of wild orchids clinging on to the bigger trees from which they derive their sustenance. Here you will find an interesting variety of plant life that include Tualang (Koompasia excelsa), the tallest tree in the tropical rain forest. Also in abundance is the gigantic ficus tree “Pokok Ara”, popularly featured in many local folklore, proverbs and rhymes. A profusion of pink and white water lilies floating on the still green waters adds to the enchantment.

The area is home to birds such dove and white rumped shama prized by bird lovers for their singing ability. Mammals such as prickly porcupine whose spiky bristle spread out menacingly at the fir sight of danger, the Deer, Malayan Tapir may be found within the park.



Gunung Kesung and Gunung Putih with its scale the steep rocky face is a great place for those who have a head for heights. Home to Mountain goat, you might be enough to see the footprints.

Caves Galore

The park boasts of a complex network of caves, each with its own unique geological formation and fascinating legend. The most beautiful is Gua Batu Tinggi the habitat of a variety of captivatingly lovely orchids species. It is also the home to some beautiful birds and is perfect for nature lovers and bird-watchers.

Another notable cave is Gua Batu Tangga, whose rock formation bears an uncanny resemblance to a flight of stairs. Other caves include, Gua Batu Tangkup and Gua Batu Telahup. Within the interior of Gunung Kesung are several attractive caves which include Gua Kesung, Gua Hijau, Gua Buta and Gua Harimau. All these names are probably derived from the unique geological formations making up the caves, suggesting an intriguing set of fascinating legends.

Jungle Trekking

Nature lovers will be able to appreciate the natural beauty of the park by venturing along the jungle trails. Experienced guides will make the trip much more interesting with their rich store of information and local folklore. Trekking are varies from 2 to 6 days duration.

More Leisurely Activities

Air Terjun Tujuh Tingkat (Seven step waterfalls) is Kenong’s very own waterfall, a vision of frothy white tumbling down into a clear rocky pool below. The spot is ideal for swimming and relaxing picnics. It is also a good place to cast your line and reel in your catch.