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National Geographic Asia – Geopark Race

One of NGC Team

Conducted in JungleWalla’s way, this team building event took the group to Langkawi geopark sites and places of interests.  Around 09 am on D-day, monsoon downpour make us a bit worry, but hey… its nature  isn’t…?.  Hmmm….. this is going to make the race  more interesting!!!. But….. with some garlic and spell of  “our in house bomoh” Shaaban, by 10 am the rain stop the cloud move away and the race BEGIN !!!.

Buffalo farm

I was in charge at the buffalo park as one of the checkpoints . Here they need to milk the buffalo, cut the grass and clean the bull s**t.  Hohoho.. i was so … thrill to give the task. The Theme of the race is langkawi Geopark, as such we go back in time to the day  Langkawi created. Along the way teams need to complete few task to collect points.

Bunny rabbit race

We started with the oldest rock formation in the region, Matchinchang Cambrian Geopark.  But not so fast….. because at the entrance, a big challenge was waiting!!!!  yes.. nothing more fun than playing the bunny rabbit race. The Next destinations is Kilim area  where teams take a boat ride to find clues and complete some task. The teams also  enjoy mangrove environment and majestic limestone formation that were 450-480 mil years.

Chicken Run

Third main site is gunung raya where teams can have a 360 degree view of the entire Langkawi including the southern island that is 350 mil years and  standing on top of the youngest granite formation… 220 mil years. The task also get the team to spot mahsuri ring…. Langkawi best kept secret !!. Not an easy task at all…!

Cooking Chalange

Within the geopark race we also include human race were they need to explore and experience the arrival of man in langkawi since 1000 years ago. They need to trace back the civilization such as fisherman, farmers and try to make local food  to understand the transition of  Langkawi history.


Overall, the race was a great fun and we have a blast. The teams were very supportive, intelligent   and competitive. Thanks to National Geographic Chanel Asia for putting up with the JungleWallas….