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    The oldest civilisation in Peninsular Malaysia is the land of padi fields, Kedah. One of the most appealing northern states, Kedah mirrors the quintessential Malay persona and offers visitors a glimpse into interesting people and mind-boggling attractions. Lembah Bujang in the state of Kedah contains the remains of the Langkasuka Kingdom believed to date back to the fifth century.

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    Rafflesia and birds at Kedah

    A phone call from a friend who is the general manager of Bukit Hijau Resort has triggered excitement in The Junglewallas HQ. A flower-bud suspiciously looking like Raffesia grows at his resort. There is no Liana or any root system nearby the flower and it’s appears to be a stand alone flower. If it is what he thinks it is, it will be the first record in Kedah.We decided to go and check it out for our self. Besides we have not been out of the island for quite a while now and this trip is a much needed vacation.