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    Natural History Field Course series

    This exciting field course will be facilitated by 2 seasoned birdwatchers from Malaysian Nature Society (MNS). With over 20 years of field experience between them, theory sessions will be supplemented with field and visual techniques.

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    A Bird Race is a fun learning bird watching activity where teams of 3 competitors race for certain duration at designated sites to watch, identify and record as many bird species as possible.

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    Photography Competition

    Langkawi invites you to enter your stunning wildlife photos toLangkawi Birdrace and Fotofest photography competition. We’re looking for beautiful bird photographs representing the wildlife of our magical islands.

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    Students Fall in Love with Wildlife

    They learn to plant saplings the correct way. About 100 primary and secondary students in Langkawi fell in love with the wildlife after spending their weekends jungle-trekking on the island with naturalist Irshad Mobarak. And this went for six months.

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    Junglewallah Pulihara Alam Sekitar

    Program DiGi Telecommunications Disertai 20 Pelajar Sekolah Sekitar Langkawi Teroka Hutan Simpan Gunung Machinchang. Langkawi : Pemuliharaan hutan bukan saja membantu menyediakan kehidupan yang lebih sempurna, malah dapat mengekalkan khazanah flora dan fauna serta alam semulajadi lain untuk diwarisi generasi akan…

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    Tropensatte Tage

    Hannah Glaser Keine Bettenburgen, keine Partymeile, keine Strandpromenade. Stattdessen staksen Reiher über den weißen Sand, und hinter dem Hotel beginnt der 400 Jahre alte Regenwald. Die malaysische Insel Langkawi hat sich dem Ökotourismus verschrieben. Der Mann ist nicht nur höllisch attraktiv,…

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    Kurt (AKA Orion Mystery)

    KURT (AKA ORION MYSTERY) – MAESTRO OF MACRO Considered a” Maestro of Macro”, Kurt’s work have graced the cover of Photographer’s Magazine, Ukrainian edition; 3 times photo of the week on Juza international Forum; Images used on LRT, Rapid Buses and…

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    A true-blue naturalist

    Langkawi's wildlife is now in danger of extinction due to habitat segmentation and in-breeding. A man dubbed ‘The Jungle-Wallah’ by DiGi’s Amazing Malaysian 2007 project is helping to arrest this problem.

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    Langkawi Geopark

    May 2007. For over 35 years, academicians and naturalist have studied the Langkawi archipelago, which is part of the Gondwana Range, Ample data and information have been gathered on its biodiversity (flora and fauna) from both land and sea, Its geological…

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    The Winners 2010

    THE WINNERS 2010 Congratulations to the winners for the different categories and thank you for making it a wonderful and memorial outing. Hope to see you again in 2011