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    Forest Trump

    February 2003 By Steven Cole The brigadiers eyebrows went up and a smile crept across his face when I told him I was thinking of visiting the Langkawi archipelago, a group of more than 100 mainly uninhabited islands off the north…

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    Banking on Eco Tourism

    Wednesday 14th March 2001 The Sun Daily - By Ian McIntyre Nature is not just a catch word conjured up when it comes to, Mutiara Burau Bay Resort; it is an all‑out effort to showcase the often overlook gift from Mother…

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    Love is in the air

    The rainforest of Langkawi is slightly different to the rainforest on most of Mainland Malaysia. This is because here on Langkawi we go through a distinct dry season that usually starts in the beginning or the middle of the month of…

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    Jungle Odyssey

    14 May 2000 - by: Lucinda Bredin. Daily mail UK. There’s much more to Langkawi than duty-free shopping, discover Lucinda Bredin and family, here on a recent holiday from England. My elder son was halfway along a plank when our guide…

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    The West Coast


    Johor means; Precious Stones and this moniker truly reflects the many wonders the state has to offer tourists.; Bordering Malacca, Negeri Sembilan and Pahang in the north and Singapore just across the causeway.

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    Nature Destinations

    Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary

    During the late 19th century in Malaysia, the conversion of rainforest habitats into rubber and oil palm plantations marked the beginning of a colossal conflict between man and Elephas maximus, the Asian elephant. The encroachment of human settlements and agriculture massively…

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    Kenong Rimba Park

    This scenic valley, traversed by rippling mountain streams, is home to the Batek aboriginal tribe. Within the park is magnificent limestone caves beneath which flows the Kenong River as it meanders gently on its way. The sense of tranquility and quiet…

  • Islands and Beaches


    In Malaysia lies some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With infinite carpets of sparkling white sand that stretch for miles and miles, and crystal clear waters around exotic tropical islands.Take long evening strolls on miles and miles of…

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    Tree Planting Initiative

    Junglewalla hosted a Canadian International school based in China, comprising of students their respective teachers as well as representatives from an adventure group based in Hong Kong. The activity conducted for them was a tree planting initiative.

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    Island Discovery

    Junglewalla hosted a group, at the Oriental Village Langkawi the site of the Cambrian Geoforest Park where the mystical mountain of Mat Cinchang lies.

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    Mangrove Planting

    Junglewalla hosted 2 groups comprising Canadian International school students based in China , their respective teachers as well as representatives from the adventure group from Hong Kong. The activity planned was mangrove planting along two designated areas in the mangroves of…

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    Rescuing Dusky Langur

    I was enraptured by the expressions and actions of a troop of Dusky Langurs (Trachypithecus obscurus) with their two young ones feeding the leaves of a strangling fig tree at the Andaman Resort. Suddenly, I cannot help but to ponder how…